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11h-fire provides organic search engine optimization for all web projects. SEO, when performed correctly, helps your website get noticed by search engines. To view examples of how this service can gain leads for your business, check out our case studies. Our SEO process is outlined below.

Keyword Analysis

A search engine friendly web site begins with determining your site goals and which search terms best apply to your business. We will give you a design questionnaire at the start of your project that asks several questions about your target audience. From this information, we will perform a market analysis and create key phrases for your business.

Content Analysis

Content is the most important element to a properly optimized site. We will work with the answers provided on the design questionnaire and include rich keywords in the content for each page of your web site. No one knows your business better than you do, so the answers you provide are key to development. If you need assistance with content development, we can provide writing services.

Meta Tags, Title Setup, and Final Code Evaluation

We will create tags for each page on your site. If you have any images, we will also optimize and edit up to five images per page. This includes file size and the correct format for the web. Tag setup is important because it helps search engines categorize web pages. While not all search engines use all of the meta tags, it is still important to use them to your advantage than to leave them out.

*Please note that we do not make any guarantees for search engine placement. We follow white hat SEO principles. Natural seo is all about patience and following guidelines.*