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Creation of sites. Placement on free hosting

“Create a website for free” is one of the most popular requests related to web design. There are many tools available for creating websites for free. These are free web design templates, all kinds of images for website design, free management systems (CMS), and various modules and extensions. But the site collected from such free “cubes” must be placed somewhere, and preferably also for free. This is why there is a free hosting service-placing the site and related files (images, music and video files, texts, etc.) on the hosting provider’s server for free.

Type of hosting
In General, hosting is divided into several types:

virtual server: a single server provides resources for multiple sites, from 50 to 1000, and the web services runtime environment is the same for all;
a virtual dedicated server is the same as a virtual server, but in this case there are several virtual machines on the same server, each for a separate site;
dedicated server – a server that has all its resources allocated for working with only one site;
colocation-sometimes allocated as an independent service; placement of your own or rented equipment in the data center of the hosting provider.
Obviously, no hosting provider will provide a dedicated server for free hosting. Free hosting is usually on a virtual server.

What is included in the free hosting service?
The presence or absence of various services and features, restrictions on the size of disk space, monthly traffic, and the number of databases – these are the main indicators that characterize a particular hosting service.

So, free hosting is usually described and compared according to the following parameters:

whether there is support for CGI/Perl, PHP, .htaccess( for Apache), MySQL;
what is the disk space size (usually about 50-100 MB);
number of monthly traffic;
how many sites can I host under one account;
number of FTP users;
there are e-mail boxes and a place for them (most often e-mail boxes are not provided by free hosting);
how many databases are allocated and space for them (in most cases – 1 database);
what server resources are allocated for working with a single client account (CPU resources, RAM, channel bandwidth).
Creation of sites. Free hosting service
Advantages and disadvantages of free hosting
Undoubtedly, the main advantage of free hosting is its…free! Thanks to the opportunity to try all the pros and cons of free hosting without spending a penny, the latter is very popular among developers of small sites, home pages, and non-commercial educational resources. In addition, many users of free hosting services with the development of their project switch to the paid version and get more opportunities.

However, the disadvantages of free hosting are unfortunately quite enough.

First, using free hosting, You can’t register your site on a second-level domain. Your site address will look like (. ua,. com,.inf, etc.). Such a domain name may negatively affect their reputation as commercial sites. A commercial resource registered on a free hosting service raises doubts about the competence and success of the company that owns the site. In addition, the actual owner of the domain name in the case of free hosting is the hoster, which means that if you change the hoster, you will lose this name.

Secondly, as a compensation for free use of hosting, hosters place their ads on clients ‘ websites. Moreover, this ad is not approved by the site owner and may not correspond to the content and subject of the site.

Third, free hosting has significant limitations in the size of files uploaded to the site, their number and download speed. The lack of data backup and technical support leads to the fact that You risk losing any important data and will not be able to restore it or make claims to the hoster.

Thus, free hosting is suitable for beginners, owners of small home pages. However, for commercial sites, paid hosting is preferable. Paid hosting provides more features, a good technical support service, and contributes to creating a positive image.

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