Basic principles of Web 2.0 when creating websites
We often talk about Web 2.0. There is a lot of talk about Web 2.0. Today, you can find a huge number of offers to make websites in the style…

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Creation of sites. The placement of your website on a free hosting Ucoz – one of the most popular free hosting services in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Due to the wide range of features provided for creating websites and hosting…

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Preliminary stage of site development
Creating sites is not easy, but creating sites that will bring profit to their owner-even more so. This is, first of all, a painstaking process, which is divided into several…

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Self-service site creation

Can I create a website myself? What is better: creating a website on your own or creating a website in a web design Studio?

Develop a website concept, exclusive design, write all the necessary software codes, register a domain name for the site and place the finished site on hosting – these are probably all the main stages of creating a website independently. But are they as simple as they seem at first glance?

The first stage is the concept development of the site. If you immediately start creating “beautiful images”, then further development may reveal that the structure of the future site does not fit into these “drawings”. We have to change and Supplement the original project. This is why it is so important to think carefully about the site’s page structure, site navigation, and so on at the very beginning.

When creating a site yourself, no one needs to explain and prove why a particular solution was chosen. However, the responsibility for the result lies only with the developer, and you will only have to blame yourself.

To create a website design, you can, of course, use free ready-made templates or even buy a couple. But a truly high-quality website is simply impossible to imagine without a unique design, which has no analogues in the entire global network. This means that you need to develop such a design yourself: from the first sketches on paper to a fully prepared html template.

By the way, to create a dynamic website on your own, you will most likely need a CMS-the so-called “engine”. Therefore, before you create an html template, you need to choose which CMS the site will be made on. There are both free CMS, for example, Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress, and paid – DLE, 1C-Bitrix, etc

If any CMS is selected for creating a site on your own, you don’t have to write program codes manually – the main functionality that you may need when working with the site is already implemented in the engine. At the same time, non-standard web applications and modules need to be written additionally or search for the necessary solutions on the Internet.

The next stage is domain name registration. In order to register a desired domain name in a specific domain zone, you must first make sure that this name is free. A special whois service will help you solve the problem.

Once the domain name is selected, you must contact either the official domain name Registrar directly, or intermediaries, such as hosters. Many hosters offer a domain name registration service for free, if the hosting contract is concluded for six months or a year or more.

If you place your site on a free hosting service, such as or you do not need to register a domain name separately.the service itself provides the user with any domain name that is not already occupied by other users of the system. However, this is a third-level domain name, and the service for connecting your domain is usually paid.

The inability to use scripts (PHP, CGI, etc.) and databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc.) severely limits the ability to host a site on a free hosting service. Therefore, it is better to choose a paid hosting service to create a website on your own.

When choosing a paid hosting service, you should pay attention to what features are provided by a particular tariff plan. How much disk space is allocated for the site? How much traffic per month? Is there support for server scripts and databases? Is FTP supported? These and many other criteria are crucial when choosing a hosting service and a suitable tariff plan.

Actually, the independent creation of the site has come to an end. It remains only to fill the site with the necessary content. But in order for a site to become popular and visited, it is not enough just to place it on the Internet – you also need to engage in its promotion and development. Website promotion requires not only certain knowledge and skills, but also a huge amount of time to achieve the first positive results.

Thus, independent creation of a site with a competent approach to all its components is quite realistic. To get a simple blog, a fan site of your favorite band, or a personal web page, creating a site yourself is a perfectly acceptable option.

But to get a commercial site that will promote business on the Internet, attract customers and bring in profits, you need the knowledge and experience of a professional team of web designers, programmers, copywriters, optimizers-the team of a web design Studio.

WebStudio2U web Studio offers you to create a high-quality functional business site with an exclusive design that meets all the requirements and features of your business. We will help you determine the goals of creating a site and find ways to implement them, analyze your target audience and your competitors, and develop a strategy for your site promotion and promotion.

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