Website development. Advertising promo site
Excitement is in our blood. This is why various promotions, sweepstakes, and quizzes are a great way to advertise any product or service. However, traditional advertising on television, radio, Newspapers…

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Effective site creation: what can you learn from the Groupon site?
Today the Groupon website ( is very popular. The main idea of this site is to offer users a variety of profitable daily "agreements" available locally at their place of…

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Website creation: professional web design services
Site creation was not so long ago available only to large companies with large financial capabilities. Today, even small companies can afford to create websites (professional web design services), because…

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Rules for website development: How to create a beautiful website?

Only by following certain rules for creating a site can you create a good site. The rules for creating a site concern both the method of creating the actual structure and design of the site,and its content content.

Site content
Rules for the development of the site in relation to the content of the website is both simple and complex. The most important of these rules is to fill the site with really interesting and useful information for visitors. Therefore, if you want to create a good website for your company or organization, you must carefully consider what information will meet the specified criteria.

An equally important aspect of creating a good website is optimizing content for working with search engines. the so-called SEO copywriting is responsible for this.

The next rule for creating site content is to follow the rules and regulations of the language used on the site. This seemingly obvious rule, unfortunately, is still not implemented by all resources. Therefore, You should pay special attention to the literacy of the texts used on the site.

As for the foreign language versions of the site, the literacy here is simply unimportant. If you make gross mistakes in creating content for a site in a foreign language, You are showing disrespect to potential customers and partners who are native speakers of this language.

Website design
Creating a good website means, among other things, creating a good website design. “On clothes” is met in “offline” life – exactly the same rules apply in creating a good site. The website is the “face” of Your company or organization is unacceptable so he had a slovenly appearance or something to annoyed the visitors.

This leads to one of the rules for creating a site: when creating a site design, you must take into account the needs of its target users. This means that the size (“weight”) of the graphic and multimedia files on the site, the justification for the presence of the so-called flash on the site, and other technical aspects of the site design must be carefully considered by You. So, in particular, the selection of the color scheme of your site is a whole science based on the psychology of color perception, color balance harmony, and so on.

Usability sites
In the pursuit of “creative” design, we must not forget about such an important aspect of creating a good site as its usability. Literally from English, the word “usability” means “the ability to use” and it is not by chance that this term is used to refer to the user-friendly appearance, structure and navigation of the site.

According to the rules of site development, and even more so for a good site, the user must know at every moment where they are, where they “came from” and where they can “go” next. This requires a competent navigation system: internal linking of pages, navigation blocks in traditional places for visitors, such as the upper and left parts of the page.

According to the depth of the navigation system, the site structure is one -, two -, three – and four-level. According to the rules of site development, the use of each of these structures must be seriously justified. For example, a single-level structure is convenient when creating promo sites and business card sites, a two-level structure is best for corporate sites, and for Internet portals-from three levels and higher.

The text on the site, according to the rules of site development, must be “readable”, that is, of sufficient size and suitable color, which “does not hurt the eyes”. At the same time, the background for the text should be quite contrasting, calm pastel shades. It is generally accepted that the best screen reader is black text on a white background.

The functionality of the website
In accordance with the site development rules, site functionality must include only the necessary components and modules. It is appropriate to place an informer with currency exchange rates and a calculator-Converter on a site that sells foreign goods, but there is no need for such a site, for example, a weather informer. On a serious business resource, chats or forums are also completely optional, unless the site concept provides for the possibility of online communication with employees of Your company.

The rules for creating a good site require only high-quality programming when creating functional components and modules of the site. If you place a delivery calculator on your site, the result of your calculations must be accurate. If the calculation data is given incorrectly by the calculator or does not work at all under a certain OS or browser, then the benefits of such a calculator for visitors are zero.

These site development rules are just the basic ones. Creating a good website, like any other high-quality product, requires not only knowledge of certain rules, but also experience in applying them in practice, and the ability to find non-standard, “fresh” solutions within the rules.

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