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Website development: website blog development

The development of a company’s blog, located both on a separate hosting site and directly on the main site of the company, is a noticeable trend in recent years. More and more often, various companies publish on their website not only commercial information such as price lists and promotional offers, but also notes from the daily life of the company, thematic reviews, etc. does the company Need its own blog?

Website development and blogging are almost identical concepts. A blog is the same type of site as any other: a business card site, a promo site, or an Internet portal… This means that it can also perform a number of useful tasks for the company: attract visitors, increase the conversion of visitors to customers or customers, promote the company, its services or products on the Internet.

Creating a blog on a separate platform gives the company several important advantages in terms of website promotion and SEO optimization:

increases the number of “external” links to the site has a positive effect on the site’s position in search engines;
positively affects the credibility of the company, forming the impression of the company as an expert in its field;
creates an audience of regular visitors who may become clients or partners of the company in the future;
it helps to establish feedback between users and the site administration.
The development of a blog as part of the company’s main site, in turn, also affects the effectiveness of the site and the attitude of its visitors to the site. Blog content on the site increases the number of unique useful content – this has a positive effect on the site indexing by search engines.

Development of a blog for a company or, in other words, a corporate blog is usually carried out on a separate paid hosting with the creation of your own domain name ( the blog Can also be created as a subdomain on the company’s website ( it is also Possible to develop a blog as a separate section on the company’s website, without creating a separate domain name.

How does the company’s blog develop?
Blog development directly on the company’s website is the creation of articles, reviews, and notes that are chronologically located on the blog pages. Updating the blog on the site should be carried out regularly, so that the information in the blog is always fresh and up-to-date.

Company news should be published in a blog only if it can be interesting for site visitors as potential customers of the company:” you do not need to take out the trash”.

Reviews and research, analytical data can be useful for visitors, if they help determine the choice of goods, services, and give grounds for reflection. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to blindly copy materials from popular resources to the company’s corporate blog – this can ruin the company’s reputation.

The development of a blog on the company’s website requires active participation of visitors in the life of the site. The blog provides users with tools for commenting, evaluating materials, RSS subscriptions, and so on.

Developing a blog on a separate hosting or on a company’s website requires, as well as creating a site of any other type, competent promotion and promotion. Promotion of a blog located on the company’s website is included in the General measures for promotion and promotion of the entire site. Blog promotion on a separate hosting should be performed in parallel with the promotion of the main site.

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