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Creating a website is expensive

Creating a good website is not possible without certain financial investments. And like any other high-quality product that effectively performs its tasks, a good website can’t be too cheap. So, why is it expensive to create a website? Is the cost of creating an expensive site comparable to the benefits and profits it generates? Where can I order a good website at an objective price that best meets individual business needs?

The cost of creating a site consists of many components: you need to spend intellectual, time, and software resources on site development. And to make an expensive site means to use only the highest quality resources for its creation, the cost of which is included in the final cost of the finished site.

Creating a good website begins with a preliminary analysis of the company’s activities and its competitors in the Internet environment. The site concept and structure are developed, and the main necessary modules and components that are responsible for the implementation of certain tasks are defined.

At the development stage, site design layouts are created and approved, templates are created based on them, the site is integrated with the content management system ( CMS), and the necessary modules and components are programmed.

Further stages of site creation include optimizing the site for promotion in search engines and filling the site with content, testing the site, and hosting it.

Each stage of site development requires the work of several highly qualified specialists : Internet marketers, web designers, layout designers, web programmers, SEO optimizers, and copywriters. Paying for the working hours of such specialists is the main expense for creating an expensive website.

It takes time and financial expenses to train and train each of the specialists involved in site development. A large amount of time is also required for the acquisition of sufficient professional experience by specialists. Payment for each specialist’s working time must correspond to their professional skills.

To understand why an expensive site is better than a cheap one, it is enough to draw an analogy with ordinary life situations . For example, when buying food, clothing, or household appliances, you can face completely different prices for seemingly similar products: some are more expensive, others are cheaper.

In the vast majority of cases, too low a product price is due to the extremely low quality of the raw materials from which it is made, low quality of processing. By purchasing such a product, the buyer risks not only wasting money, but also harming their health or financial condition. “A miser pays twice” – this folk wisdom is always true.

In some cases, the high price of the product is explained, in addition to high quality, by the high name of the manufacturer. Indeed, a similar quality product from a less well-known company is cheaper, but at the same time, buyers of products with a quality mark from well-known companies around the world buy along with the product also moral satisfaction and other intangible benefits. In such cases, obtaining additional benefits is the basis for purchasing a more expensive product.

Thus, creating a site is expensive, compared to creating a site is cheap, and gives the customer several important advantages :
confidence in the high performance of the resulting site, which confirms:

individual unique design that takes into account the specifics of the company’s business and emphasizes its advantages;

cross-browser layout that ensures that the site is displayed correctly in different browsers, with different computer monitor resolutions;

professional Programming that ensures smooth operation of all functional elements of the site;

confidence in the convenience of the received site for its users and administrators due to:
compliance with modern usability requirements, which allows site visitors to easily find the necessary information on the site;
the site has a convenient content management system that allows the site administrator to quickly and easily make changes without the participation of developers
confidence in the integrity of the contractor, which is confirmed by the signing of a bilateral agreement that describes the rights and obligations of the parties, specifies the timing of work, and specifies the cost of work

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