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How do I create a website for free?

To be or not to be your own website is a question akin to hamlet’s. And if the Prince of Denmark himself was concerned with philosophical problems, then in our difficult time, the minds of contemporaries are concerned with material problems. After all, the advantages of having your own website have already been felt by many companies, but to pay for the services of a professional team of web designers” in the teeth “only” business sharks”. Small business organizations often have to “tighten their belts” and cope on their own. Therefore, the desire of small companies to make their website cheap, or even free of charge, is quite natural.

So let’s take a closer look at whether you can get web design for free.

Choosing a free CMS
On the Internet, you can find many free content management systems (CMS) – this is software that allows owners to manage the site independently, without involving site developers every time you need to update news, for example. This means that the user does not need to have programming skills or knowledge of the HTML language to publish an article or add an image to their site. In addition, many CMS already have starter components and templates designed specifically for them, so using a free CMS, such as Joomla, you can kill several birds with one stone!

Free template
The most common way to get a ready-made web design for free is to use a free website template. Of course, free templates, professional and Amateur, can be found on thematic sites. It is important to know that the free template you download will most likely be linked to some CMS.some templates will only work with a certain version of the CMS. This is a template developed for CMS Joomla 1.0.x will not work with Joomla 1.5.x. as for the theme of free templates – it is the same as that of paid counterparts: business, science, entertainment, tourism, abstract themes, etc. Using ready-made free templates provides several advantages: the speed of developing your own site increases, the customizability of the template allows you to change its elements to achieve greater individuality, and finally, free templates allow you to “try on” several design options and choose the best one without any material costs.

The site template is just a blank, visual design. You can use a template without changing its structure, or you can change the graphic elements, style sheets, and block placement.

Free hosting service
Finding a good free hosting service with PHP and Mysql support is not an easy task, but it is feasible. Most of the hosters that provide high-quality free hosting are Western companies, so you will need to know English to register and get technical support. Keep in mind that in 90% of cases, hosting is provided on the basis of various UNIX systems in conjunction with the Apache web server, working with which is very different from working with the Windows-based IIS server. If the host does not have a hosting control panel, you will need to learn a little bit of UNIX commands and directives .htaccess.

Specify the technical requirements for hosting for your chosen CMS, it may happen that the hosting does not meet the minimum requirements and You will waste time.

Free domain
In most cases, when registering a free hosting account, You will be asked to enter the name of a new level 3 domain or link an existing domain. From personal experience , you should not save money on the domain. The longer the domain name, the less users will trust You, it will be harder to type it in the browser’s address bar, and harder to remember. As a result, You will either be disappointed in your business, or buy a higher-level domain and lose your rating (PR, TIC, backlinks of the old domain.

Free components and modules
After selecting a CMS, installing a template, choosing a hosting and domain, you should start filling the site with content. And after a while, when the first visitors come to You, you will want to know their opinion about the site, see comments on published articles, chat or discuss the topic on the forum. For this purpose, there are many paid and free components and modules. For example, on the site You will find 3169 extensions sorted by destination

Keep in mind that not all third-party extensions are secure, and trust only trusted extensions.

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