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Creation of sites. Online store

Shopping or, as it is now fashionable to say, shopping is not only useful, but also very pleasant (especially for the fairer sex). However, the headache and irritation that can occur if you are lost in the vast expanses of the supermarket or just the market in search of the right product, make shopping a real torment. How to save your nerves and at the same time get a useful new product or, for example, buy the right tool? There is a way out – make purchases in the online store.
More and more people prefer this type of shopping. Therefore, if You or Your company sell a product or offer services, you can organize your cooperation with customers in the form of an online store. What is it, and what benefits will it bring? An online store is a special form of interactive website that is designed to advertise a product, accept an order to purchase a product, deliver it, and pay for it.

How the online store works
A user of an online store looks through the list of products or services offered to them, selects a suitable position and adds the selected product to their shopping cart. Then, in the same way, the user can select several more offered positions – as many as necessary. When all the necessary products are selected, you can start placing a purchase order. At the same time, the necessary minimum of personal information about the buyer, which helps to improve the security of purchases.

In addition to information about the selected product, the purchase request also contains information about payment methods. For payments for online purchases, various payment options are available: using a Bank card or Bank transfer, postal transfer, payment in electronic money, and finally, payment in cash upon receipt of the goods. However, in order to avoid possible fraud, online stores do not use, for example, Western Union transfers, since such a payment cannot be canceled or protested. Payment methods via SMS to a short number with an unchanged payment amount are also not used in serious online stores, since in this case it is also impossible to protest or cancel the payment.

Delivery of the order is carried out either by the online store’s own courier service or with the help of other companies that provide courier services. It is also possible to deliver the order to the buyer by mail parcel or parcel. If the ordered product is electronic (photo, software, license keys to it, text, e-book, etc.), then its delivery is carried out through electronic channels, for example, by email or by accessing a secure area of the site.

Online store
How do I create an online store?
Although quite specific, an online store is, first of all, a site and its creation is the same as the creation of other types of sites. But unlike other types of sites, which can be static in principle, an online store must necessarily be dynamic. What is the reason for this? Just to keep this type of site up-to-date, you need to regularly update its content, add or remove product positions, and work with it dynamically. And in addition, it is necessary to implement the principle of online ordering of goods. It is impossible to do all this without a special site management system (CMS) for e-Commerce. These systems already have all the necessary modules for both user interaction and online store administration.

Online store
What sections does the online store include?
Undoubtedly, the main section of an online store is a catalog of products and services. Navigation through this catalog may vary depending on the range of products and services offered. Linear navigation, in which there is a sequential transition from page to page, is suitable for online stores with a small assortment of similar products. For stores with a large variety of products, multi-level navigation is better-the presence of the main catalog, which includes lower-level catalogs.

In addition, navigation through an online store can be organized based on a selection based on any criteria entered by users.

Also, the online store usually contains sections such as: placing an order, searching for products and services, shopping cart, contact information and feedback from the store’s administration, choosing a payment system, and rating the most popular products and services.

Online store
What is sold in online stores?
You can sell in an online store all the same things as in a normal “real” store: wardrobe items, tools, stationery, furniture, household appliances, books, computers and peripherals to them, special equipment for production and much more. Plus, you can also sell something that you don’t often find in a regular store: software, license keys, e-books, images and photos, ringtones, texts, and so on.

Advantages of an online store:

this store always works! it does not have weekends and lunch breaks, you can visit it even at night
anyone who has Internet access can access the online store, regardless of their location
no retail space required
no special trading equipment is required
you do not need to hire a staff of employees: sales consultants, service staff, accountants, security guards, etc.
it is not even necessary to have a product-the main thing is that there is a well-established interaction with suppliers
you can manage your online store anywhere that has Internet access.
It is obvious that the presence of an online store gives a lot of advantages, reduces the time to make purchases, and reduces the company’s expenses for the sale of goods.

In order for an online store to be really useful and bring profit to its owner, you should also not forget about its decent design, high-quality and honest customer service, and timely delivery of orders. Only a competent combination of all these factors will create a positive impression on customers and make them want to shop only in Your online store again and again!

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