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Website development. Advertising promo site

Excitement is in our blood. This is why various promotions, sweepstakes, and quizzes are a great way to advertise any product or service. However, traditional advertising on television, radio, Newspapers and magazines will be even more effective and successful if it is supported by a special Internet project-an advertising promo site.
A promo Site is a great tool for attracting consumers ‘ attention to a particular product or service. A promo site, like no other method, will reveal all the advantages of the advertised product as widely and easily as possible. In addition, the promo site perfectly advertises not only products, but also exhibitions, presentations, festivals, competitions, promotions and other events. Such events are usually accompanied by advertising on television, radio, and print media. The combination of traditional offline advertising and an advertising promo site gives a simply mind-blowing effect and allows you to increase the number of potential participants in promotions or sweepstakes, increase demand for the advertised product, and promote the brand.

advertising promo site
What makes an advertising promo site different from other sites?
Promo site-the realm of designers ‘ imagination. You can find literally everything you can imagine: graphics, animation, videos and presentations, flash videos. All this is designed to interest the site user, attract their attention and encourage them to make a purchase or take part in your event. In addition, an advertising promo site is simply not possible without various types of interactive elements: surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Bright, exclusive, spectacular-this is what the design of an advertising promo site should be. This is why we use “heavy artillery”: exclusive graphics, flash technologies, 3D Models and visualizations, Ajax technologies, etc.

An advertising promo site is mainly used as a Supplement to traditional advertising methods (TV, radio, and press). Traditional advertising makes the consumer interested in the product, and the site encourages them to buy this product. The promo site provides visitors with comprehensive information about the product, its features and advantages. Due to their richness of flash animation and graphics, promo sites are not as well indexed by search engines as other types of sites. Therefore, the most appropriate methods of advertising a promo site are contextual and media (banner) advertising, advertising the site address in the media.

An advertising promo site is usually used in these cases:

when promoting a new product or service on the market;
when preparing and conducting exhibitions, conferences, presentations, festivals;
to support an advertising company in the “traditional” media (detailed terms of the promotion, lotteries, registration of participants);
to promote a particular brand.
advertising promo site
Features of creating a promo site
The emphasis when creating a promo site is not on the information itself, but on how to submit it. Therefore, the latest developments, web programming, exclusive unusual design, carefully thought-out content, taking into account the nuances of marketing, are more than appropriate in this case.

The number of pages on the promo site is about two or three dozen. Since the main goal of advertising promo-site – to emphasize the advantages of the product or service and present them to the consumer in the most favorable light, the information posted on the promotion website shall contain information about the company, its activities, details about product or service progress and contact details. In addition, the site can include additional modules: forums, product order forms, voting, review books, and posters.

Thus, an advertising promo site allows you to solve a wide range of tasks:

creates or maintains a positive company image;
promotes a specific product or service;
allows you to get a General portrait of the consumer of a product or service;
increases sales of promoted products;
provides the consumer with detailed information about the product.

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Website development. Advertising promo site
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