Creation of sites. Site development and testing
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Creation of sites. Hosting sites on Google Sites
Google Sites-a service from Google offers its users the service of free creation and placement of sites on the Internet. The service is part of Google Apps and is intended…

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Creation of sites. Placement on free hosting
"Create a website for free" is one of the most popular requests related to web design. There are many tools available for creating websites for free. These are free web…

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Creation of sites. Features of the web design of the Internet portal

Maximum useful information, maximum interactive services, maximum user convenience. This is the maximum Internet project. This is an Internet portal! The Internet Portal is a very rich site. You can find news, forums, discussions, votes, email services, weather, search, blogs, etc.
Classification of Internet portals
Portals are divided into:

Public-is aimed at all users who can use its information.
Corporate-focused on a specific type of user (employees, partners), and can have an external interface for shared access.
In addition, you can also classify Internet portals into international and regional, horizontal and vertical.

International-focused on the General audience of users, regardless of their geographical affiliation (for example, Yahoo!).

Regional-focused on a specific geographical segment of the Internet (for example, Yandex).

Vertical-dedicated to a specific topic. The subject matter of Internet portals varies: historical, educational, automotive, etc.

Horizontal-this term is commonly used for Internet portals that cover a variety of topics at once. For example, information portals, portals of public and political organizations, and entertainment portals are very popular.

Internet portal
Structure of the Internet portal
The structure of the Internet portal is extensive – it contains dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of sections, and many links.

There is no single structure of the Internet portal, because each of them is very individual. For example, the structure of a business portal may include the following sections:

block describing the company, its activities, partners and clients
news block
subscribe to our newsletter
thematic review
industry specific
reference information
consulting block
ad unit
Internet portal
Features of the Internet portal
The Internet portal is quite different from regular websites, and therefore has some features. Among them, the ability to store an almost unlimited amount of information, including multimedia. This feature was created due to the use of not just databases for storing information, but technologies much higher – data warehouses and storefronts (Data Warehouse and Data Mart). Another feature of Internet portals is very effective navigation, which allows you to quickly navigate through hundreds of sections. Internet portals are also characterized by high traffic, the presence of several closed parts, a large number of various functions (internal banner network, statistics, Analytics, etc.).

In order for the Internet portal to be attractive to visitors and have some kind of unique flavor, it is necessary to provide the ability to add materials (articles, news, images) to the users themselves. However, such materials should be easily managed, such as those that can be easily edited or deleted. And in order for users to have the opportunity to discuss their materials, share experience and advice, you must have a forum or chat on the Internet portal.

Internet portal
The use of Internet portals
The purpose of using Internet portals largely depends on the needs of the company for which these portals are created. However, there are some common tasks that each of the public or corporate Internet portals is designed to solve: creating an effective mass media; promoting a brand, goods or services; forming public opinion about the product, service, or sphere of activity of the company.

And remember that an Internet portal that causes a sense of confusion and incomprehension is a bad portal! A high-quality Internet portal should be easy to understand, convenient, and look like a whole – this is how it will be made for you by specialists of the web design Studio Webstudio2U!

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