Creation of sites

Creation of sites. The stage of development of the site
After successively going through all the stages of site creation: the previous one, the designing one, and the development and testing stage, the new site is finally hosted. But the…

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Development of flash sites
Is it profitable to develop flash sites? Without a doubt, Yes, if the main purpose of such sites is to attract attention, the need to "hook" visitors, because flash sites…

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Corporate website development: choosing a management system
The development of corporate sites includes several main stages, among which the development of site functionality plays one of the most important roles. Now you can no longer find corporate…

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Creation of sites. Online store

Shopping or, as it is now fashionable to say, shopping is not only useful, but also very pleasant (especially for the fairer sex). However, the headache and irritation that can occur if you are lost in the vast expanses of the supermarket or just the market in search of the right product, make shopping a real torment. How to save your nerves and at the same time get a useful new product or, for example, buy the right tool? There is a way out – make purchases in the online store.
More and more people prefer this type of shopping. Therefore, if You or Your company sell a product or offer services, you can organize your cooperation with customers in the form of an online store. Continue reading

Website development. Entertainment site

We all love entertainment, because without it, our life would be boring and gray. To have fun, you can take an active vacation in nature, visit the cinema or the premiere of a play, read an interesting book. And you can, without leaving the computer, do all the same (and even more!) with one click. An entertainment website will help you do this!
Entertainment website? What’s it?
It’s very simple! Probably, while exploring the expanses of the Internet, you have met this type of website more than once. An entertainment site is intended, as its name suggests, primarily for the entertainment of its visitors. Continue reading

Website development. Web representation of the company

Are you a representative of a large company or a small private firm? Then you probably know that you can’t do without advertising in the business world. Advertising on television, radio, Newspapers, outdoor advertising on billboards, posters and banners – this is not a complete list of well-known advertising techniques. Due to the wide spread of the Internet around the world, one of the first positions in this list is occupied by websites. With the help of a website, each company can tell about itself to any Internet user, anywhere in the world and at any time. The most suitable website option for a company with established traditions, regular partners and clients is the company’s web representation.
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Website development. Advertising promo site

Excitement is in our blood. This is why various promotions, sweepstakes, and quizzes are a great way to advertise any product or service. However, traditional advertising on television, radio, Newspapers and magazines will be even more effective and successful if it is supported by a special Internet project-an advertising promo site.
A promo Site is a great tool for attracting consumers ‘ attention to a particular product or service. A promo site, like no other method, will reveal all the advantages of the advertised product as widely and easily as possible. In addition, the promo site perfectly advertises not only products, but also exhibitions, presentations, festivals, competitions, promotions and other events. Such events are usually accompanied by advertising on television, radio, and print media. Continue reading

Creation of sites. Internet portal

Maximum useful information, maximum interactive services, maximum user convenience. This is the maximum Internet project. This is an Internet portal! The Internet Portal is a very rich site. You can find news, forums, discussions, votes, email services, weather, search, blogs, etc.
Classification of Internet portals
Portals are divided into:

Public-is aimed at all users who can use its information.
Corporate-focused on a specific type of user (employees, partners), and can have an external interface for shared access.
In addition, you can also classify Internet portals into international and regional, horizontal and vertical. Continue reading

Website development: website blog development
The development of a company's blog, located both on a separate hosting site and directly on the main site of the company, is a noticeable trend in recent years. More…


Making a website: main features
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Creation of sites. Internet portal
Maximum useful information, maximum interactive services, maximum user convenience. This is the maximum Internet project. This is an Internet portal! The Internet Portal is a very rich site. You can…


Creation of sites. Site placement stage
Website placement on hosting the fourth stage in the creation of websites. At this stage, a domain name is selected for the created site and a pricing plan for hosting…