Creation of sites

Creation of sites. Features of corporate website web design
A corporate website is an important component of a positive image of a large company. What a corporate website looks like and how useful it is for visitors depends on…

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Preliminary stage of site development
Creating sites is not easy, but creating sites that will bring profit to their owner-even more so. This is, first of all, a painstaking process, which is divided into several…

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Creating custom websites: fast or correct?
Creating custom websites today is performed by specialized web design studios, web development departments in large IT companies, and freelancers who work individually. In each case, site customers get both…

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Creating an online store: usability

Creating an online store is currently one of the most popular ways to conduct business over the Internet. Offering various products to users of the global network, you can make sales no worse than in the” offline”, and often even better.

The usability of an online store plays a huge role in ensuring the necessary efficiency of online sales. If the usability level is too low, then even with a large online store traffic, the profit from sales will remain small.

Usability is, we can say, a set of qualities of an online store, which provides potential customers with the ability to easily and quickly find the desired product on the store’s pages, get the necessary information about the product, without difficulty find how to order, pay and get the product they are interested in. Continue reading

Website production: preparation of materials by the customer

Making a website is quite a complex and responsible process, so it is usually entrusted to professionals to make a website. However, even after choosing a suitable performer and signing a contract with them, the customer should not “stay away”: who, if not the customer himself, knows better than others what he expects from the site and wants to tell future visitors with it? Therefore, the preparation of materials for the site by the customer is one of the mandatory stages of interaction when making sites in a professional web Studio. Continue reading

Creating websites using the ad Builder

Site creation is currently performed in various ways. One of the most common ways is to create websites using the ad Builder. What is a website Builder? What results can be achieved using the site Builder?

Nowadays, every company should have at least the most unassuming website, regardless of its size and income. But while large business players can afford to order full-fledged corporate sites that are quite expensive, small firms are looking for ways to create low-cost sites for their needs. Creating websites using the ad Builder is just one of these inexpensive ways. Continue reading

Creating a social network

Creating a social network is currently a popular service that is in great demand, because due to the great success of various social networks, today there are more and more new Internet projects aimed at uniting people with common interests and Hobbies, uniting classmates, classmates, neighbors, colleagues, and so on.

Social networks are firmly established in modern life, and today even inexperienced Internet users have at least one account in one of the popular networks. On their pages in social networks, users post their photos and basic information about themselves, publish their notes, share links and news. Continue reading

Effective site creation: what can you learn from the Groupon site?

Today the Groupon website ( is very popular. The main idea of this site is to offer users a variety of profitable daily “agreements” available locally at their place of residence. The Groupon website makes effective sales every day, but how does It do it? It turns out that there is something to learn for any other site.

Effective website creation is one of the most important tasks of modern web design. Efficiency is achieved using a variety of tools and techniques. For example, the effectiveness of a Groupon site is based on four main principles: relevance, profit, sociality, and fun. Continue reading

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Website development. Advertising promo site
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How do I start site development?
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Creating an online store: usability
Creating an online store is currently one of the most popular ways to conduct business over the Internet. Offering various products to users of the global network, you can make…


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