Creation of sites

Creating websites using the ad Builder
Site creation is currently performed in various ways. One of the most common ways is to create websites using the ad Builder. What is a website Builder? What results can…

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Website production: preparation of materials by the customer
Making a website is quite a complex and responsible process, so it is usually entrusted to professionals to make a website. However, even after choosing a suitable performer and signing…

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The creation of a new company website
Why do I need to create a new company website ? In some cases, the creation of a new company website more effective in comparison with redesign or upgrade your…

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Creating an effective Hero Image for your site (8 tips)

It only takes a user 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about any site? Web developers and designers really have very little time to make a good impression on a person when visiting a resource. That is why it is so important to have the right design of the main page + site header, which everyone sees first.

Many web projects on the web share one common way to attract the attention of the audience – the use of bright colorful designs, in particular — placing a large background image or a large banner at the top of the website. It is also called “hero image”. Continue reading

Main types of user interface buttons on websites and apps

Buttons are one of the most well-known interactive elements of the user interface. They play a very important role in creating interaction with the user and creating a positive experience for them. Continuing a series of posts on the topic of UI / UX design, this article has collected concepts and examples related to the most commonly used types of buttons that are found on websites and in mobile apps.

Previously, we published a note about the history of button design changes on websites and in interfaces (since 2009).now we will look at this element in terms of functionality, purpose, and how it is implemented (triggered). This post is a translation of this article from Tubik Studio. Continue reading

How do I create a website for free?

To be or not to be your own website is a question akin to hamlet’s. And if the Prince of Denmark himself was concerned with philosophical problems, then in our difficult time, the minds of contemporaries are concerned with material problems. After all, the advantages of having your own website have already been felt by many companies, but to pay for the services of a professional team of web designers” in the teeth “only” business sharks”. Small business organizations often have to “tighten their belts” and cope on their own. Therefore, the desire of small companies to make their website cheap, or even free of charge, is quite natural. Continue reading

Website development. Corporate site

The success of your online advertising campaign depends on many factors. And not the least among them is the popularity of your company, its recognition. Therefore, when creating a website, most organizations strive to make it unique, their corporate style, that is, to create a corporate website.
Corporate site. Definition
There are a large number of definitions of a corporate site: as many people as there are opinions. However, in the broadest sense, a corporate website is an electronic representation of your business on the Internet. A corporate website can represent your company properly only when it is individual, modern, and has broad functionality. Continue reading

Online business card

It is no secret that the company’s own website contributes to the success and prosperity of its business. There are modest personal pages and corporate business resources, information and entertainment portals, and so on. However, there are so many types of sites, but which one is right for your company? If you and your company are just starting to cooperate with the Internet, then the so-called business card site – your representation on the Internet-is the best choice for you!
What is a vcard site?
The word “vcard” in the name of this type of site already speaks for itself. On this site, as on a regular business card, information about the company is briefly presented: its name, type of activity, and contact information. Continue reading

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